How the American Association of Architects is Helping Architects and Associated Professionals Achieve Success in their Careers

The renowned American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a Washington DC-based professional association that was established in 1857. The professional association was founded by 13 architects whose shared vision was to empower the profession of architecture and promote the practical and scientific capabilities of its members. Today, AIA is known for supporting architects through community […]

The American Institute of Architects’ Impact on the Architecture Industry

In the past, anyone in the United States could pose as a professional architect because there were no architectural licensing laws or schools of architecture. After the establishment of the American Institute of Architects, all the incompetent, undertrained, and inexperienced individuals claiming to be architects were put on notice. The History of the Establishment of […]

Norman Pattiz of Podcast One makes a revelation of the research on their Network’s Brand

The CEO of Podcast one together with the VP of Edison Research Strategy revealed the results and outcome of research that has been going on progressively for a couple of months now. These results show inclusive advertising studies on five national customer brands used for the tests. The five brands cut across the service and […]