It’s Your Write!

On Thursday night we took part in the second festival at the Museum of Childhood, put on by The Papered Parlour. The night was called ‘It’s your write! A Celebration of the Self-Published’ For this event we took over the children’s book shop for our ?!X Photobooth. Other highlights of the night were; live music from Hot Feet, The Letter Lounge, Ministry of Stories and a panel discussion on The New Age of Protest with including speakers representing Climate Rush, UK Uncut and the Stop The War Coalition.

Funnily enough with it being a writing event, we found more people were interested in contributing with words rather then taking part in the ?!X Photobooth. But we got some of you! Here are some of our snaps:

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Do like us on facebook and tag yourself and your friends! (Photography by Maciej Groman)

We are working our way through all the contriutions, sadly many of you didn’t put your names on the futures, meaning that we can’t use them! (So if that was you, do e-mail us and claim your future!) We need to get the handwriting detectives on some of them too! In the meantime, here are a few:

“The Future I Choose is home made, home grown and hard reared. It’s about family, community and fresh air.” Katie Brannigau

“The Future I Choose is one that empowers individuals & communities to act together for the greater planetary good.” Amelia Gregory

“The Future I Choose is where focus is put on people and planet rather then MONEY” Emma McGinn

“The Future I Choose is one where fact and reason form the basis of our beliefs and politics.” Mark Scott

“The Future I Choose is one where young people are inspired, not apathy and cynical ridden but beleive in their power to cause positive political reform.” Jameela Obema

“The Future I Choose is one in which we all value social justice as much as capital” Tim Adey

“The Future I Choose is a future freed from violence, hate and crime. One Love.” Ruben Joel

“The Future I Choose is one in which people both adore and endure each other.” Sarah Hopkins

Thanks to all of you that took part, and if you haven’t yet, please tell us The Future You Choose online.

Thanks to Petronella Tyson for volunteering to help run the ballot box at this event. We love our volunteers, if you want to give some time to ?!X, please contact us.

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Think Act Vote (?!X) a radical think tank that explores the new and creative ways we can and are shaping our future lives and communities. We are disrupting the model of a traditional think tank as we believe that everyone of us, no matter what age, background, ethnicity, religion or occupation has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. We ask you to think deeply about, and to believe in a future that you choose.We believe in a creative, equal and intergenerational future, which we are building together, across borders and perspectives.

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