Why Madison Street Capital Calls Cuba the Golden Egg

Now that Cuba is entirely legal, advisers at investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital say we should stoke that fire while its hot. Since President Obama untied the 8-year knot on trade and relations with the island, the options for investments have become massive. “It’s like cracking open a sealed vault, and finding a golden […]

Defying odds: You Are Not ‘Most People’

Ever heard of the phrase that states you can’t keep on repeating the same thing and expect different results? Well, this phrase was all too familiar to Herb Brooks, a man who led the USA team in the 1980 Winter Olympics that took place in Lake Placid. The fascinating story available on VTA Publications; an […]

Fun Colors Expected for Spring 2016 Fashion

In a recent article for InStyle, fashion writer Ali Pew described the new color lints to be expected in spring and summer collections this year. Some of the most notable and popular colors from the spring and summer 2016 runway collections are spruce, tangerine, marigold, sienna, tomato and rose quartz. The vast majority of these […]

White Shark Media Review: Effective Ways To Deal With Customer Complaints

Are you looking for information on how to handle customer complaints? Wondering how some companies and professionals are able to resolve customer complains and avoid bad press? Perhaps you have heard about White Shark Media and how they address complaints effectively and keep customers and clients happy. White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the […]

Do Mobile Shoppers Really Matter? Shoe Carnival Activates Slyce Sense For Visual Search Advantage!

Visual search puts traditional shopping habits to shame, especially when Slyce powers marketplace. Shoe Carnival recently joined the modern retailers powered by Slyce visual recognition technology. In fact, Slyce announced news of this alliance just moments ago. Slyce stands to garner monthly revenue (software service and licensing fees) within the specifications of the contractual agreement. […]