Twenty Three Layers with Jessica Boskoff

Jessica Boskoff is a designer inspired by creativity; she loves texture, contrast, color, and artful approaches within the wedding industry. Jessica has an amazing eye for design, and an outstanding approach to styling every bit of her designs. She incorporates many different types of hues: vibrant, pastel, fun colors. Her photo shoots are full of […]

Dick DeVos Supporting the John F. Kennedy Centre

Through its campaign started in 2013, the John F. Kennedy Centre has raised beyond its $125 million original target amount meant for expansion and programming initiatives. The center has raised $ 135.9 million from donations. But the centre will continue with its campaign to raise more since the expansion cost previously estimated at $100 million […]

Marc Sparks is Creating New Ways to Help

It isn’t uncommon to see humanitarians that happen to be business professionals, or even seeing these professionals contribute to worthwhile causes, but Marc Sparks has taken this a step farther. Both the following statements can be declared true: Marc Sparks is a philanthropist. Marc Sparks is a businessman. The unique step, however, that he has […]

Sanjay Shah & Solo Capital News

Sanjay Shah Announces 2016 Net Worth of Solo Capital Markets Sanjay Shah, Founder and Owner of Solo Capital Markets announced the firm had a net worth of 251.53 million euros the end of January 2016 (WordPress, Sanjay Shah). Mr. Shah is retired and devoting his time to Autism Rock, a charity organization that raises funds […]