Lori Senecal participates in the 3% conference

Lori Senecal’s leadership skills are unparalleled. Not only once has she been named as one watch by various magazines and business platforms. Lori Senecal has built an intense portfolio based on her managerial skills and experience. Her firm belief on what she stands for also makes her unique. Her ability to drive masses of people […]

Amazing Kabbalah Teachings on Gods Understanding and Connection

The Kabbalah Center is a renowned American non-profit organization. This organization has its main offices located in Los Angelos, California. Furthermore, it has other offices in different areas of Asia, North America, South America and Europe. The Kabbalah Center offers Kabbalistic teachings that focus on Zohar and majorly aim at improving the lives of the […]

The Ideas And Foresight Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial and administrative sectors. Best known for his strategies and vision, he has used this experience to make a difference in East Coast communities. Kevin Seawright is the Chief Officer regarding finances as well as the Vice President at Newark Economic Development. He has made numerous contributions in […]

Adam Milstein life of Philanthropy.

Adam Milstein is the founder and president of the Gila Foundation. Through this foundation, he provides charitable and philanthropic services to organization and institutions that aim at strengthening the Jewish community, the state of Israel, and the relationship between the USA and Israel. His charitable services include fundraising programs meant to preserve the Jewish culture, […]