8 Tips to Increase Your Virility, with Expert in Urology Dr. David Samadhi

Men love sex. Women love it too! The sexual intercourse is a great way to create a bond between partners, as well as offer a multitude of benefits for health and well-being. There is an old saying that goes as “Your body wants you to have sex every Friday!”

Let’s be frank about it, sometimes, we don’t stop thinking about it even though we’ve experienced it so many times before. And, when it comes to men, it really isn’t just about the pleasure; it’s also about that ego-boost that you get from sleeping with a beautiful stranger, or even that loved one with whom you’ve shared your deepest secrets. Sex moves media, sex sells, and is a fantastic therapy as well. In other words, virility is a very important factor in determining a man’s well-being, confidence, “manliness,” and overall energy throughout the day.

Many men, however, suffer from a lack of drive, a lack of actual desire to have sex. Psychologists have already said that this can go as far as the differences between introverts and extroverts, and, sometimes, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to do it every now and then. However, other times, it can mean a lack of important resources that your body should be producing.

If you think you lack it, here are the things that every man should do if they want to keep their masculinity, or bring it back, according to the specialist Dr. David Samadhi. Dr. Samadhi is one of the world’s most famous and successful urologic oncologists. He is best known for his expertise in robotic surgery.

1. Eat healthily – what you eat regularly, it can very quickly show its effects on your performance in bed. You should focus on eating more fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.
2. Yearly checkups – Can also be considered as virility maintenance 101. This is how you monitor what’s really going in your body. Your heart rate, blood pleasure, testosterone levels, etc.
3. Quit Smoking – Or if you’re not a smoker, do not even try it.
4. Say No To Drugs – A lot of illegal drugs contain chemicals that may affect your performance in bed.
5. Stress Management – Always being stressed can lead to erectile dysfunctions.
6. Don’t drink too much – Excessive intake of alcohol is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction in men.
7. Exercise – Get the blood flowing, and it will be sure to get your libido going
8. Kegels – One of the best ways of keeping yourself healthy and driven. Recommended by many specialists and clients who used Kegels.

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