A Brief look at Mike Heiligenstein and his Wonderful Work with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

According to the American-statesman who stated in Viewpoints editorial, there will be an elevation in the congestion of traffic in Austin and a solution is required by the community to fix it. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority offered thanks to the Statesman for pinpointing the major problem and agreeing with the fact that various resources were required to sort the traffic issues.

According to My State Man, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority stated that they were available to develop solutions for mobility which at times could be a road and other times something else. They also stated that they constructed the 183A Toll roads located un Leander and Cedar Park which has changed the communities even as they had an experience with tremendous growth.

They stated that they constructed the toll road named U, S 290 which is situated between Austin and Manor and aided in tripling the capacity of the past roads while enhancing the non-toll lanes which were previously there. They state that they were not a private company but an accountable and local agency developed by the individuals of Williamson and Texas counties. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeheiligenstein

The Mobility Authority stated that the core of the mission is to something in a new way. The MoPac Express which is presently being built by them will bring about a diverse toll unit which utilized enhanced technology to aid in the management of the flow of traffic.

They also stated that congestion could not be eradicated totally because the footprint of the MopPac wasn’t large enough to do that. But individuals who require going to a concert or interview will have a commute which is reliable.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein plays the role of the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, which is a transportation agency which is multimodal. Make has worked with the mobility authority since the year 2003, he was responsible for overlooking its elevation from a start-up transportation agency to a renowned leader in the operation of toll road operations.

During his tenure, the agency created its first toll road which was the 183A and enhanced its effectiveness through the implementation of advanced technologies which include electronic tolling and video billing.

Mike is a Vocal supporter for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and has worked rigorously to offering those facilities wherever possible along the projects of Mobility Authority. The Mobility Authority is currently managing a program to widen the 183A toll road which is worth $1billion.