Academy of Art University Putting Students on the Path to Success.

The Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art school in the nation. They believe in a no barrier admission. Meaning all you need is passion and the willingness to learn and improve. They believe in a community full of support. And they hold themselves to the highest ethical standards of personal and professional integrity.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. The school started out with only 45 students and has tremendously grown throughout the Years. In 1951 his son Richard A. Stephens took over and grew the school even more by adding more programs, such as a graduate program and a master of fine art degree. By 1985 the school had over 5,000 students. Then in 1992 grand daughter, Elisa Stephens, became president of the university, added digital programs, and grew the population to over 14,000.

The school has continued to grow throughout the years and there have been several success stories. One of the most recent successes comes from Jan Philip Cramer. Who earned his BFA animation and visual effects at the academy in 2004. Received the Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni award in 2011. And became a member of Academy of Motion Pictures and Science in 2017.

Cramer’s huge success happened recently on May 10, 2018 when the popular new movie, Avengers: Infinity war was released. This was a huge success for Cramer because he was chosen to work as the animation supervisor for the hit new movie.

However, Avenger Infinity war isn’t the only movie he has worked on. Cramer has turned his childhood dream into a reality and has made a career out of being in VFX animation. Cramer has worked on several movies such as Avatar, Deadpool, X-men and many more.

Cramer owes his success to Academy of Art University. For believing in him, teaching him, and putting him on the path to achieving success.

That’s the main goal at Academy of Art University. To Help students improve their skill so they can live out their childhood dream and become a success such as Jan Phillip Cramer.

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