Adam Goldenberg’s Illustrious Career Leads to JustFab

Adam Goldenberg was a genius who founded his first company when he was only 15 years old. This company was called Gamer’s Alliance. He sold it in 1999 at age 18 to a company owned by Myspace called Intermix Media. Eventually Goldenberg began working for Intermix Media as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. Just a couple of years later, he became the youngest Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company. When Intermix Media was bought by another company in 2005, Goldenberg and his best friend Don Ressler founded their own company. They then established several health and beauty brands. Once they were trusted in that world, they established JustFab, which offered a personalized, online shopping experience for affordable prices. Goldenberg prepared for the incredible size increase, as well as money increase, for JustFab by hiring consultants, designers, etc. Through JustFab, Goldenberg used his talents of spotting trends, growing businesses, developing brands, and intense passion for the fashion industry and fun to bring women shoes, handbags, and other accessories for only $39.95 a month. Many companies have built off Goldenberg’s affordable business model, making Goldenberg and Russler not only ingenious company builders, but also trend-setters themselves.

But this business model is not the only reason the company does well, but also other steps put into place by Goldenberg. Adam Goldenberg is metrically-driven, and pushes his company the same way. There are many things that the company is measured by. Goldenberg says that this approach makes his company adaptable. He also says that company transparency helps both himself and employees keep the company working well. He shares both good and bad aspects of the company with employees, because it helps everyone see where the company is at, and where it needs to go. His passion for JustFab drives him in not only these unorthodox company practices on, but also in who he hires for the company.

Miraculously, there is more admirable about Goldenberg. While some CEOs forget where they came from and instead get lost in company numbers and the bottom line, Goldenberg supports small businesses and upcoming companies, as well as foundations like Crosscut Ventures in Southern California, which is at an early stage of funding. Source: