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Recently, classDojo launched the student stories, a communication platform to allow students easily add videos and images on their own portfolios and share them widely with their families. According to a press release, this new tool will enable parents closely follow up on their children’s learning. With this tool, students can share images of poems written down by them, reflection on math solving techniques, videos on science experiments as well as recordings of their learning sessions. Additionally, students are in good position to add useful materials to their updated stories without having to remember any credentials of the login process. This is advantageous because students are able to take charge of their own learning processes.


How the Student Stories Tool Works


As a student, you are required to scan your class QR code then using a shared device you can easily add both videos and images to your personal portfolio. Additionally, you can tag your classmates who took part in the work as well as comments given about the work. Before sending the additions home, teachers’ first check on them for approval and can as well add material to each individual student story. This tool is designed in a way that parents get instant updates whenever new work is added or posted on their child’s stories. This tool enables students share their progress all through the year with their teachers and parents thus creating a powerful connection. Students receive empowerment because they are taught to be masters of their own destiny by keeping track of their progress.


This communication app is being used by 2 in 3 schools in the U.S and is aimed to ground up change by allowing student driven sharing. It is well designed so that all communication between students, teachers and parents is placed on one area thus creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo refers to a digital classroom tool of management designed to assist teachers communicate with parents more effectively as well as improve students’behavior. This tool aims at reinvesting classrooms by connecting parents, students and teachers closer together. This communication platform engages parents in encouraging their children as teachers give important advice.


Signing up with this tool is free and only takes a few minutes to fill in the registration process. The programs are designed in a simpler way thus enabling students, parents and teacher access different information easily and faster. Try out today!


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