An Overview of Todd Lubar Road to Success

Todd Lubar is serving as the current president of TDL Global ventures and LLC. He also works at Legendary Investments in the capacity of Sr. VP. He holds a degree in speech communication which he got in 1995 from Syracuse University.

He has been in the field of real estate for more than 20 years where he has strived to see that many people own a home. He has also served in other areas ranging from construction to entertainment to mortgage banking.

Todd Lubar has listed among 25 top mortgage originators in the country for some years. His extensive experience and passion of helping the society have seen him leverage his business acumen and guide others in being successful.

He served in Legacy Financial group in Arlington Texas from 1999 where he assisted in developing the Maryland Office to becoming a production unit of $100m per year in loan volume. He has also served in various capacities in Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legal Financial group. He was the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding which is based in Arizona from 2005 to 2007.

Most people who are looking to invest in the real estate industry seek his advice because of his background in finance and credit field. Being experienced in many industries also makes him knowledgeable on what can make a business thrive in any environment.

Todd Lubar recommends the community to read “The Magic of Thinking,” a book written by David J. Schwartz. He says the book help people think big and set higher expectations for them a thing he says has enabled him to be better-rounded in his thinking. This can contribute to achieving personal goals.

He attributes success in business to hard work and fostering trust and being honest in communication. Being organized and the people surrounding him is another factor for his success. The growing technology of being able to control many things is one thing that excites Todd Lubar.

Being willing and the experiences he has gone through in real estate industry is where Todd Lubar derives his ideas. Housing is one business idea that he sees the potential to help one leap big. Visit

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