Andrew Rolfe Guides The Ubuntu Fund To Benefit Disadvantaged And Deserving Children In Africa

In support of the Port Elizabeth campus Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Educational fund held a gala in London. The funding they raised was the approximate equivalent of R10 for South Africa. In addition to the number of students being able to attend the campus there will be benefits for the pediatric clinic as well. There have been 400,000 disadvantaged Africans helped by the resources and manpower of the Ubuntu Fund. The campus in Port Elizabeth helps maintain and education and health of the children and helps them achieve a career. When the organization first began their work, their focus was not as broad but now includes problems such as HIV and child hunger. They provide these kids with a stable home life, proper nutrition, and good health.

When the gala started 300 philanthropists and socialites known all over the world gathered in support of the Ubuntu Fund. Andrew Rolfe was the Chairman at the event and his belief in his organizations efforts combined with numerous speeches touched the audience. When Sinesipho Rabidyani relayed her story and the audience realized her bright future was due to the Ubuntu Fund her accomplishments were forever sealed in the hearts of the people. The accomplishments of many scholars were revealed and the audience was quite generous. The auctioneer was Charlie Ross and the paintings and high-end South African holiday were very successful. As the founder of the Ubuntu fund Jacob Lief’s closing speech regarding the disadvantaged African children and how they required help was honest and touching.

The Ubuntu Fund has had success helping the people of Africa and 2,000 children have better lives due to their consistent efforts. These children receive help when they are young and receive the education they need to succeed later in life. They are educated about the dangers of HIV and given quality healthcare. This has resulted in a reduction of HIV and mothers giving birth to children unaffected by the disease. Toddlers are able to begin a primary education and scholars are able to attend universities.

Andrew Rolfe is responsible for many of the accomplishments of the Ubuntu Fund. He is highly educated and his intelligence has resulted in effective strategies to help the children of Africa from disadvantaged homes. His career has been as an innovator with exceptional leadership capabilities. With the Ubuntu Fund, solidly behind him Andrew Rolfe has given opportunities to the families and children of Africa that simply did not exist in the past.