Ann Scango Feels Strongly About Art Education

Renowned sculptor and visual artist Ann Scango has some serious opinions regarding the factors that are currently holding back art education. Referencing the statements of Mae Jemison, it is clear that the fact that culture places a separation between science and art is largely to blame for art education being held back. The reality is that the two fields are actually related. They can be seen as the point where people’s understanding and their desires join together.

There are a few school that do offer programs that fuse together art and science education but they are far and few between and most students do not have access to them. At this point, public schools generally only teach what is going to be on upcoming standardized tests in order to make the school look good by achieving high test scores. The real truth is that the combination of art and science education is vital for the future because together the forge vital building blocks and help to inspire innovation. Once schools become willing to become more flexible with their curriculum, then art education may cease being consistently held back.

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Ann Scango is a highly regarded artist who works in the fields of visual art and sculpting. She is known for her creation of complex 3D works of art that have gained widespread recognition across the state of Texas. Much of her art is an attempt to capture the relationship that Texans’ have with the environment. Ann Scango has been interested in creating art since she was a child but it took many years of hard work to gain the current level of recognition that she is receiving for her work. Ann Scango feels that the thing that has made her successful in the world of art is the fact that she is always trying to create art pieces that are truly evocative and that stand apart from what others have done in the past. She is always looking to create the next major trend in the world of art and this has led her to become a very cutting edge artist.