Ara Chackerian Brings Innovative Solutions To Health Treatment

Treating illness at the early stage of development is one of the most critical jobs of any healthcare professional. Early stage treatment could save lives as well as countless amounts of money. One angel investor, Ara Chackerian, has made it his mission to bring early-stage healthcare treatment to as many people as possible.

Mr. Chackerian is the Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. For the past several decades, Mr. Chackerian has helped launched many innovative early-stage healthcare companies including TMS Health Solutions. This company, in particular, has been instrumental in helping many people with clinical resistant depression. Through the use of innovative treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS Health Solutions has given hope to many people who have suffered from debilitating depression.

Other companies funded by Mr. Chackerian include Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRx as well as BMC Diagnostics. With a portfolio of successful healthcare companies under management by ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, Ara Chackerian is able to help many people suffering from a variety of ailments. Today, Mr. Chackerian one of the biggest names in the world of healthcare investments.

Along with money, Mr. Chackerain is able to use his creativity and innovative thinking to get his health care companies off the ground. TMS Health Solutions, for instance, was born when Mr. Chackerain realized that there was no network of clinics dedicated to the treatment of clinical depression. With that challenge in mind, Mr. Chackerain designed a new type of mental health clinic from the ground up.

According to TMS Health Solutions uses a mix of traditional treatments – such as talk therapy and medicine – and combines it with unique, innovative treatments. The result is a network of clinics that have become more effective at treating clinical depression. The TMS Health Solutions example is just one way Mr. Chackerian has disrupted the health industry.

In addition to health care, Mr. Chackerian is also active in environmental issues. One of Mr. Chackerian’s projects, Limonapa, SA, is helping to reforest parts of Nicaragua. Additionally, Mr. Chackerian is active in a number of youth projects such as CREA Nicaragua, Nor Luyce and JUMA Ventures. From health care to philanthropy, Ara Chackerian is bringing innovation to a number of worthy causes. Check out his website

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