Are Freedom Checks a Legitimate Investment?

The images of Matt Badiali holding up checks that look like US Treasury checks have been making the rounds recently. It is tempting to think that you could get checks like this, but is it too good to be true?Several respected companies, like Forbes and Reuters, have looked into them and they have given them a thumbs up. People can start receiving checks within a month of investing, and the highest return rate claims to be higher than normal portfolios. While some of the more eye watering numbers Badiali talks about are reserved for the big investors, anyone can buy Freedom Checks.

They work in much the same way as stocks. Badiali makes it sound like there is a time limit to get into Freedom Checks, but that is more to make people think they will miss out.There is no deadline to get into the investment.There is no secret about Freedom Checks work. Companies that invest in natural energy in the United States are allowed to operate within a unique tax structure. The companies are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and there is one major requirement that they have to follow. They have to pass on their profits to their shareholders. The unique investment trick is finding the best MLPs to invest in.

Just like any company that issues stocks, some are better than others.Matt Badiali says that his experience has led him to know which companies will produce the best dividends. Three of the companies he mentions are believed to be Thinkolator, San Juan Basin and Franco-Nevada (FNV).For the smaller investor, the checks Badiali talks about are just not realistic. There is also always the danger that investors will not be able to sell their shares for the amount they paid for them. Just like any lucrative investments program, Freedom Checks need to be studied closely before one adds them to their portfolios.

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