Wes Eden’s Company, Brightline, Signs A Deal with Virgin Group USA

Brightline is a private company that was formed in 2018 by Wes Edens. It’s a railway company that is used by passengers. The company works between Miami and West Palm Beach. The company is efficient and provides great hospitality service along with user-friendly customer facilities in the train. In the same breath, Virgin Group is […]

Fortress Investment Group Has Just Gained A Valuable New Ally In The Quest To Expand Its Passenger Train Service:

The revolutionary Brightline train service has been making major waves in the public transportation sector since it was recently unveiled in the South Florida region’s connecting municipalities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This train service is a unique one in the public transportation sector as it is the first of its kind come out of […]

Jacob Gottlieb Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Over the years, the healthcare industry has changed. Jacob Gottlieb has brought one of the change. The transformation he has delivered is regarding investment. Gottlieb has founded Altium capital which is an investment fund that emphasizes on the investment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Among the companies that Altium has invested in include Oragenics, Oramed […]

Drive Positive Business Outcomes with CloudWick

There are many benefits of data and analytics to all kinds of businesses. They include the ability to anticipate needs which makes the business to act proactively, deliver relevant products, personalize services, improve and optimize operational efficiency. Simply put, data analysis can be what determines whether a business fails or not. Gaining insights that assist […]

GreenSky Considering IPO

Gaining access to consumer loans has become far more difficult over the past decade due to tightening restrictions set forth by regulated banks across the country. For those that need money to make a major home repair or put on an addition, getting the money that they need to make the repairs is very challenging. […]

Adam Milstein: The Truth About Anti- Semitism

Adam Milstein is a storybook example of how one should not settle for less than their goals. Adam is a self-made millionaire. He started his real estate business while still in college because he felt a college recruiter was not offering him what he was worth. He went on to become a well-known philanthropist and […]

Wes Edens’ Contributions at Fortress

 Wes Edens’ Contributions at Fortress Wes Edens is a successful American entrepreneur who is among the founders of Fortress Investment Company which is currently the biggest investment management in the United States. He collaborated with a group of entrepreneurs in 1998 to start Fortress which started by managing real estate’s properties and providing security for […]