Betsy DeVos’s Financial Giving and Philanthropy

Most people know Betsy DeVos as a successful businesswoman and politician. However, she is a great philanthropist too. President Trumps has nominated her as the Secretary of Education. Betsy is famous for advocating reforms in school choice, voucher programs, and Christian community. Since 1992, Betsy is active in politics from the platform of Republican Party. Her Philanthropic work and financial giving is a vital part of her personality. Betsy is the wife of Dick DeVos who is also a successful businessman and known for his role in the success of globally famous organization Amway. In 1989, Betsy and Dick founded their family foundation: The DeVos Foundation. DBDVfoundation.Org supports different causes like education, community, arts, justice, and leadership. Just in 2015, they couple donated twelve million dollars through their foundation. They now hold the twenty-fourth spot on America’s top giver’s list of Forbes.

For Loudspeaker Media, Inc., the DeVos Foundation has recently approved four-hundred-thousand dollars. The amount is going to support Campbell Brown’s education site. He is a former CNN anchor who also runs The Partnership for Educational Justice, a nonprofit organization. For the organization, Betsy also donated an amount of four-hundred-thousand dollars. In 2015, she donated one-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars to Success Academy Charter Schools. GREAAT Schools, Inc. received five-thousand dollars from her too. It is a privately owned non-profit charter school management company. Betsy visited a Christian school in Michigan called The Potter’s House. During her visit, she promised to help the school, and later, donated two-hundred-thousand dollars. American Federation for Children works closely with a nonprofit organization called Alliance for School Choice which received a donation of one-hundred-thousand dollars from Betsy. Foundation for Excellence in Education also got fifty-thousand dollars from her.

Betsy DeVos gave a huge amount of seven-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars to American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. It is a think-tank based in Washington D.C. which will get an additional amount of one million dollars from her. Betsy DeVos is on the Board of Members of the Institute. Betsy donated Institute for Justice an amount of ten thousand dollars through her family foundation. The Institute is a nonprofit libertarian law firm. Betsy donated an amount of six-thousand-and-five hundred dollars to Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. DeVos Foundation donated five-hundred-thousand dollars to College Park Foundation of the University of Maryland. The arts management institute of the University was named after Betsy and her husband. The couple donated hundred-thousand dollars to the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. Men and women receive undergraduate certificates on aircraft maintenance and flight from this school. DeVos Foundation donated one-hundred-and-fourteen thousand dollars to Michigan Ferris State University which a public school located in Michigan. Fifty-five thousand dollars were donated to Davenport University. Betsy also donated a huge amount of money to several other educational institutions including universities.

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