Billy McFarland and A Dream Come True

Many times when a man dreams that is as far as the dream goes. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland had a dream and followed up on it, as well as several more. He started his first business at age 13 which was a business that found customers for a local businessman.

While he was a freshman in college at Bucknell University as a computer engineering student, he started Spling, which takes URLs of companies and turns them into a graphic, helping to commercialize them to help brand the company and its product. He still runs the company as its CEO and has clients such as Universal, Discovery, and The Hearst Group.

At age 23 in 2013, he started a company called Magnises which is a means for millennials in major metropolitan areas to enjoy hefty discounts at many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, meeting places, events, travel venues, and concerts.

Millennials, as defined by Magnises, are professionals, entrepreneurs, managers in the IT and garment industry, and other upward bound individuals from the ages of 21 to 35. These people love to socialize, brag about their exploits, and get business contacts, so why not take advantage of the great discounts and perks?

At the end of 2015, with just New York City and Washington D.C. areas of operation, there were over 10,000 members of the Magnises network. For just a $250 annual membership fee, members receive the Magnises Card, or “The Black Card.” The card copies the pertinent data from the credit or debit card of the member and then is used to pay the bill at member businesses while simultaneously applying the discount.

McFarland intends to expand Magnises all over the United States, with cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angles and then even to London. With a recent infusion of $3 million from a venture capitalist, the plans to grow are being put into action.

The business model is in place and working in an excellent manner, so there is no reason to delay. Billy McFarland already has some very impressive partners and management personnel, so there is no point in delaying the inevitable.