Brian Bonar Named Winner of the Highest Honor in the Professional Networking Community

Brian Bonar, the Dalrada Financial Corporation chairman and CEO, emerged the winner of “Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the field of Finance.” It is always an honor to be included in the registry of this award as only two female members and two male members in every discipline win the executives of a certain year. The award selection committee selects the special honorees on the basis of their leadership abilities, professional accomplishments and academic achievements.

  1. According to MG2, Bonar has over 30 years experience in the financial sector offering professional management and this has enabled him to be in a great place to oversee operations at the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has held the helm of the company’s CEO and chairman and his position holds him responsible for selecting aftermarket products, employer and employee benefits.

His company assumes the role of a Marketing Liaison to supply its clients with a wide variety of employee programs that improve business efficiency. They include financial management, employee benefits, risk management insurance (business liability and workers compensation), business and promotional services. He also holds the position of the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service president.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a popular and also successful executive in finance. He currently holds the positions of both Chairman and CEO at Trucept (formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions) from March, 2010. His rich business leadership background is evident from his earlier stint at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He has a background in technical engineering and this knowledge assists him in starting a business structure that works in a great way.

He graduated from the James Watt Technical College with a Technical Engineering bachelor’s degree. He did his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University.

Bonar is a PhD holder in the field of International Business Development Studies which he pursued at the same Stafford University. He started his career journey at IBM where he was in procurement before assuming the role of the QMS Engineering director in charge of in excess of 100 people.

He had served at Adaptec as a sales manager before venturing out to form his company, Bezier Systems. He still worked for other companies for instance the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he is highly regarded. He is a specialist in Mergers and acquisitions and takes a creative and personable approach to life. Brian Bonar combines the creative power of an architect with the technical genius of an engineer. He received the Who’s Who award back in 2000.

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