Betsy DeVos’s Financial Giving and Philanthropy

Most people know Betsy DeVos as a successful businesswoman and politician. However, she is a great philanthropist too. President Trumps has nominated her as the Secretary of Education. Betsy is famous for advocating reforms in school choice, voucher programs, and Christian community. Since 1992, Betsy is active in politics from the platform of Republican Party. […]

Jason Hope And His Passion For Anti-Aging

Jason Hope knows that people age. However, he also knows that aging does not have to be accompanied with many different disorders that are associated with it. Fortunately, Jason is willing to help medical experts work towards this goal so that they will be able to effectively treat age related disorders. For one thing, people […]

Adam Milstein life of Philanthropy.

Adam Milstein is the founder and president of the Gila Foundation. Through this foundation, he provides charitable and philanthropic services to organization and institutions that aim at strengthening the Jewish community, the state of Israel, and the relationship between the USA and Israel. His charitable services include fundraising programs meant to preserve the Jewish culture, […]

Keith Mann: Big Dollars Big Heart

For some, the ability to give back to his or her community is the truest sign of wealth. Dynamics Search Partners very own Keith Mann takes this adage to heart. Using what he has learned in his time in the business sector and what he has amassed through smart strategies, Keith has donated to various […]

Dick DeVos Supporting the John F. Kennedy Centre

Through its campaign started in 2013, the John F. Kennedy Centre has raised beyond its $125 million original target amount meant for expansion and programming initiatives. The center has raised $ 135.9 million from donations. But the centre will continue with its campaign to raise more since the expansion cost previously estimated at $100 million […]