CEO Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy Background

If there is anyone more deserving than being given the term “jack of all trades”, that person would be Robert Ivy. having a career as distinguished and as diverse as Robert’s is an accomplishment in and of itself. However, Robert has accomplished much more than what his resume would say. For one, in the middle of the 1990’s, Robert was given a role as the Editor in Chief of an Architectural company of which, unsurprisingly, Robert helped turn into one of the more prominent businesses when it comes to architecture. Under this role, Robert was given tasks such as directing and sustaining designs for his own company and others as well.

In fact, Robert Ivy was one of the key jurors that selected the architect that designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Obviously, with the great turn out of that selection, Robert had a lot to do with that selection. His significance to the architectural world was so crucial to its growth that, in a period of 15 years, Robert was given other roles such as principal and critic of national publications.

Under the guidance of Robert, the many companies and places he was a part of were given many recognitions and honors such as a premier magazine award, the national magazine award for excellence, and so much more.

Even more recently, Robert was given the honor of the Crain Award which is the top honor that can be given to a person in American business. To add even more to what is already elite levels of recognition, Robert was also awarded the McGraw-Hill award for management. Needless to say, Robert worked hard for each and every award and deservedly so. The great thing is that Robert has made all of these accomplishments look relatively easy. That is one of the many reasons why Robert set himself apart from many businessmen under similar circumstances. View Robert Ivy’s profile at LinkedIn

Recent Work & Accomplishments

In today’s day, it is safe to say that Robert Ivy has continued to prove his excellence.

As an example of that, Robert was voted by his peers as a “Master Architect“, a very distinguished accomplishment for him of course. It is worth mentioning that his election as Master Architect was voted unanimously by his peers which is only more proof of the continuous work that Robert has continued to accomplish. Overall, it is safe to say that success will continue to come easy for Robert Ivy.

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