Contribution and Achievements of Don Ressler in the Establishment and Running of JustFab

The successes and trials made by Don Ressler cannot be overlooked while highlighting key professionals who have contributed to the business world. Don Ressler is a renowned entrepreneur, who has founded and headed several businesses. He is the brain behind the creation of JustFab online fashion retail on Bloomberg. Don Ressler has been in the business world for more than ten years and his experience has been vital in managing JustFab. He began in 2001 with FitnessHeaven, which he sold to Intermix Media before moving to his next project, Alena Media.

Don Ressler co-founded Alena Media with Adam Goldenberg and they run the company until its acquisition by News Corp in 2005. Don Ressler has also co-founded Intelligent Beauty, where he also works as a Co-Chief Executive. While at Intermix Media, Don Ressler has spearheaded the development of core ventures that have raised shareholder value.

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In 2010, Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg founded JustFab, a subscription fashion retailer that stocks selections in jewelry, shoes and denim. The online store is designed to offer a personalized shopping experience to members. Members pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, which is conferred immediately after making purchase. During the registration process, you are asked to fill a survey, which includes fashion preferences. JustFab will use this information to send a selected list of items to members at the beginning of every month. By the end of 2011, JustFab had 4 million members, and the number had increased to 10 million by January, 2013.

Growth and acquisitions
JustFab, in the hands of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, has grown and acquired several businesses. To expand their market coverage, the company received a $76 million loan from Matrix Ventures in 2012. This money was used to broaden the network of the company to cover Canada, the UK and Germany. In 2013, the company bought FabKids, which would operate separately, but under the same managing team. Several celebrities, including Avril Lavigne, have made collections through JustFab.

The company also boasts of a television show, which was premiered in 2013. The show, which highlights the activities and achievements of JustFab on Recode, was first aired on the Style Network. JustFab has extended its network to more than five countries and is still opening more franchise businesses. All these achievements have been possible in the hands of Don Ressler, who has been in the company since its inception in 2010.

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