Coriant Gets A New CEO in Shaygan Kheradpir


Arriving at Coriant with a long and varied history of management, Shaygan Kheradpir is now the new CEO and ready to lead the company to huge growth. Keradpir is going to require all of the expertise he has acquired at previous companies in order to help him with a multi-industry business approach that is needed to compete.

Kheradpir was formerly the CEO of Juniper, and also a long time Verizon decision maker. As the new CEO of Coriant, Shaygan will be working closely with the former CEO Pat DiPietro, who has taken a new position as the chairman of Coriant. Together these businessmen plan on leading the team of managers at the company into the future in order to establish the company as a leader in their industry.

Having worked in one industry for so many years, Kheradpir has a great deal of knowledge and insight into the demands that are placed on a company, and how to pivot in order to keep up with changing trends. At Verizon, he was a vital and integral part in the companies ability to set it apart as the industry leader that it is recognized as today. While his time at Juniper was considerably shorter, Kheradpir’s time there will also prove valuable to him and every transaction and negotiation experience is able to offer a lesson that can be applied to future business dealings.

In many of his prior positions Kheradpir has mostly been concerned with new industry initiatives and the roll out of important business changes. At each stage, these decisions have been important to the legacy of the brands and businesses he worked with and resulted in financial gains. Coriant is hoping to tap into his understanding of how a company builds a foundation that is necessary to take it to the next level of growth, in order to best move forward with projects of their own.

Business investments and capital investment dealings are also a part of Shaygan’s toolkit, and likewise, an important tool for the new leader. In this position we can expect to see him lead a capable team through many capital channels in order to best position the company to face the market all while remaining competitive when compared to others within the industry.

The way in which Kheradpir approaches every business dealing for Coriant will be under intense scrutiny, but you can be sure he will have thought out every detail and aspect in both current and long term benefits.