CTRMA: Going Forward

Mike Heiligenstein currently leads CTRMA (the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) out of Austin, Texas. He serves as executive director and partial overseer for multiple company operations on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. He works around the clock to ensure that the company is met with a bright future filled with new ideas and potential hope in moving forward on all aspects. As he does so, he may encounter a bit of positive report in the news from time to time, making headlines and increasing the overall known reputation of the organization at large. As a matter of fact, such publicity has just come up all over several different newspapers in the local Austin area.


“While most transit discussions in the Austin area focus on the city itself, Thursday’s Williamson County Growth Summit was an opportunity to frame transportation challenges around the needs of the region’s suburban communities. The panel discussion included Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority….” (http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2016/12/15/transit-experts-offer-solutions-for-williamson.html, pg. 1, para. 1 and 2)


Perhaps you are familiar with Joseph Kopser of Uber. He is the original founder of Uber and was present for the entire panel discussion, along with Leandre Johns and Jared Ficklin. Leandre Johns serves as director for Uber’s Texas External Affairs division and has never left its side when it comes to the best interests of this unique ridesharing business app. Jared Ficklin works for Argo Design as a product designer with a unique focus placed solely on transportation and transportation design. It was Mr. Ficklin who proposed that central Austin, Texas needs its own system of an aerial gondola, which was met with much praise and intrigue.


The overall event took place within the beautiful walls of the marvelous Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. The overarching theme of the event was related to the modern possibilities and capabilities of technological advancements as they relate to the transportation industry as a whole. In particular, ridesharing services similar to that of Uber have much to benefit through continued use of technology. Automated vehicles and self-service garages were a couple of the ideas presented as future possibilities. The idea that radical transformation may continue to occur on a regular basis was stated by Mr. Heiligenstein on more than one occasion.


Read about the event online for yourself. Many online sources have covered it. The overall event was considered a major success on many levels.