David Mcdonald- The Voice of OSI Group

Many successful CEOs, managers, directors and even board of committee members leading many companies in the world are not the founders or partners of the companies they lead. Many have been appointed after these companies were established and their founders have either resigned or are deceased. A good case study is that of David McDonald who is the president and COO of the OSI Group, one of the leading global food provider.

David McDonald joined OSI three decades ago and he says that the company has never compromised its aspiration of growth. OSI has over the years maintained appetite for growth and satisfy the needs of its large clientele base. Since joining OSI Group, Mcdonald can attribute the growth of the company to its customers who have made it easy for the company to improve its operations. The company has done everything it can to meet the needs of its customers as well as find creative solutions to the challenges it faces.

Flexibility, patience, and trust are other factors that OSI Group has been embracing as per David McDonald’s testimony. He goes on to say that this has been possible because OSI is a private entity and not publicly owned. Hence, the company has been nimble and eager to experiment with new undertakings and come up with practical solutions to the challenges it faces. David says that being a private entity has made it easy for OSI Group and its management to think long-term and take time to build relations. Hence its incomparable success in incorporating merger and acquisition business strategy in its operations.

When asked about how OSI has been able to maintain its status as the leading food provider in the world, David McDonald made it clear that the company values its clients and partners. He said that OSI values all those involved in its operations as a family. This means that the products that the company provides are good enough to meet the needs of its large family. Food safety is one key thing that the company has put in the forefront in its undertakings.

Mcdonald emphasized that OSI is always ready to grow with new technologies. And adapting to any changes in the market is the easy way for the company to ensure future. David Mcdonald feels that there is not much OSI Group can change as it follows the same growth strategy it has been abiding by for past decades. It driving force is its motto to aspire to become better and valuable to its customers worldwide.

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