Do Mobile Shoppers Really Matter? Shoe Carnival Activates Slyce Sense For Visual Search Advantage!

Visual search puts traditional shopping habits to shame, especially when Slyce powers marketplace. Shoe Carnival recently joined the modern retailers powered by Slyce visual recognition technology. In fact, Slyce announced news of this alliance just moments ago. Slyce stands to garner monthly revenue (software service and licensing fees) within the specifications of the contractual agreement. Mark Elfenbein, Slyce chief executive had remarked on how this deployment will positively influence the company’s market position. As the champion image recognition software developer explicitly explained, Slyce products help retailers in different ways. Chiefly, it’s designed to optimize search channels, enabling them to connect with dynamic consumers. Top-notch U.S. footwear marketplace, Shoe Carnival looks to tap into avenues that have proven difficult to penetrate.

Mr. Kent Zimmerman, Shoe Carnival VP is quite optimistic about this innovation as mobile customers represent the larger population of their shoppers’ community. With Slyce image search functionality, it aims to extend a convenient, friendly shopping environment for consumers. The Evansville-based, Indiana footwear giant manages some 400 stores across 34 states. It’s among the top-grossing franchise operators of the industry. Shoe Carnival also operates in Puerto Rico. The footwear heavyweight promises the least frustrating shopping experience with this 3D automated visual search technology. It allows shoppers to quickly snap and find any footwear or accessory. In fact, it delivers matching products with an unmatched level of responsiveness and accuracy.

Initially, it started out with six top U.S. retailers, Neiman Marcus included. A publicly traded franchise, Slyce operates out of Toronto, Canada. With visual search enabled, retailers have an opportunity to deliver personalized product results. Slyce deploys cutting-edge visual search innovations that enable retailers to deliver exceptional services. Home Depot, Tilly’s, Urban Outfitters and JCPenney are some of the first retailers within their market verticals to run Slyce product search platform. Today, Slyce has magnified its market presence with new acquisitions and partnerships.

Among its latest innovations is Snap-to-Buy, it’s an intuitive product search platform powered by Slyce., Pounce, Drivetrain Agency, and SnipSnap are its latest acquisitions. Slyce also coined the comparison tool, Visual Relevancy Engine. This technology basically scans product attributes and match it with similar items on the Web. Earlier this year, Slyce announced a change in leadership as Ted Mann succeeds former president Mark Elfenbein.

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