Dr. Saad Saad Talks About his Life and How Education Revolutionized it

Dr. SaadSaad just retired after 47 years in the medical field. This field has been good to him, and he is going to miss it. This is not to say that the medical industry is going to forget his contributions. For one, he provided a number of innovations that made pediatric surgery safer for kids. Furthermore, he has also helped nurture the next generation of health care providers within his home. Two of his children are now surgeons and another is a nurse. Dr. Saad even had time to encourage one of his children to become a lawyer. The pediatric surgeon spoke about his children and his career in a recent interview where he highlighted the power of education.


Education is something that many people say is important, but its power was shown to Saad at a very young and impressionable age. He was born in Palestine during a time of great turmoil. His home country was torn apart, and his family was extracted from their home almost without warning. Saad’s father was away when his family was transported to the West Bank though his father did eventually find his way to his family.


His family had been stripped of all of their belongings, but his father told his children that knowledge is untouchable and can sustain life. Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic, which was a job that was in high demand at the time. The father may have been penniless, but he was able to get a job to rectify that issue and could provide for his family in this vulnerable moment in their lives. Dr. Saad saw the power of education right there, which propelled him to seek education, too.


Dr. Saad went to Cairo University, which is in Egypt. This was a great school, and he had the time of his life while still earning some of the highest educational marks of his entire class. Graduating and receiving his degree in medicine was just his first step towards what would become a great future. Dr. Saad wanted to travel and see more of the world, which led him to England and America, which became his permanent home.


The pediatric surgeon told the interviewer that being a pediatric surgeon was something that occurred to him pretty young in his life. He was a young boy and suffered a heat stroke, which showed him that heat was no friend to him. Saad wanted to work in a place that required great skill but was also cool enough, which is what led him to the medical field.


The pediatric specialist also lent his incredible skill to Medical Missions to Jerusalem to help the needy and give them hope. He knew that those children needed something to aspire to so they can break away from the financial struggles they are suffering from. Dr. Saad has done a lot in his life, and while it is hard to say goodbye to the industry, he is also happy to pass on the torch. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2