Drive Positive Business Outcomes with CloudWick

There are many benefits of data and analytics to all kinds of businesses. They include the ability to anticipate needs which makes the business to act proactively, deliver relevant products, personalize services, improve and optimize operational efficiency. Simply put, data analysis can be what determines whether a business fails or not.

Gaining insights that assist your business is more challenging with increased variety, volume, and velocity of data. CloudWick helps companies manage big data by providing analytics solutions that scale the capacity, streamline the process, and reduce the cost of analysis and capturing content. As the leading provider of advanced analytics, enterprise big data, cloud/ cybersecurity services, and Global 1000 quick fixes, it also assists leading firms such as Home Depot, Comcast, JP Morgan, NetApp, Walmart, Visa, and 3M, gain competitive advantage from data lake, big data, open source, and advanced analytics.

How They Do It

Based in Newark, California and founded in 2011, CloudWick has over 200 employees. This privately held company is a consulting partner for AWS Partner Network (APN) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It boasts of;

  • Many certified Spark developers
  • Certified engineers, data scientists, and administrators
  • Hundreds of thousands of cloud production hours and open source
  • Massive experience building, managing, and monitoring clusters in the cloud plus on premise
  • Proven success in making global enterprises leading digital businesses

The Latest Innovation

Recently, CloudWick launched the Black Hat USA, a security analytics product that can ingest over 100 million events (per second of telemetry data), including netflow, alerts, logs, and network packets. The Black Hat USA is also known as the CDL (Cyber Data Lake) and is a converged system comprising of a hardware appliance (CloudWick managed), plus its integrated software.

The innovation works by capturing data through an ingestion pipeline and storing it in a data lake (on-premise). After this, the software layer (CDL manager) provides access to compliance/ security teams, uses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to prevent future attacks and detect threats.

Other products created by CloudWick include:

  • CDAP- manages and stores events from PCAP, syslog, firewall logs, proxy, and netflow
  • Bimodal Business Transformation- It will assist you to get revenue and competitive advantage
  • Cloudwick one- offers clients business intelligent services and customer insights.

Businesses that invest in data and analytics have a lot of advantages. An efficient data system will keep you top in your field due to the resulting competitive edge. Reach out to them for your business’s big data solution. They are currently offering a discounted jumpstart consulting offer.