Empowering Women through the Jackson Family Wines Business with help by Julia Jackson

Wine lovers are being called upon by Jackson Family Wines. The wine lovers are always looking for wine that is tasty as well as trendy these days. For Julia Jackson, she knows what wine lovers want and she knows how to give them it. Julia was born and raised in wine and therefore has spent a good amount of her time on learning everything that she needs to know in order to give wine enthusiasts what they want.

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Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke spent much of their lives in making a name for themselves in wine making. It wasn’t too long ago that Jess Jackson died from a battle with cancer. Before he died however, he knew that there was something in his legacy that he had to leave to his family. The vineyards were his saving grace. He made sure that his family knew how to care for them, how to choose the right temperature and so on. Everything that they needed to know about being successful in wine, he taught them.

Julia Jackson spends her time within the family business as the spokesman for the company. She knows how important it is to be strong and empowering for others and that is why she loves showing women how easy it can be. The Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is a program that helps to empower women by giving them a program that helps them to overcome the obstacles in their life as well as the hardships that many women are faced with. Each year the program hands out $100,000 dollars to nonprofits which aid in the community.

When it comes to the wine business, the business is overrun with men and the Jackson family hopes to change that in the coming years. They hope to fit more women into the corporate end of wine making and to celebrate those that are in the business.