Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings, LLC provides entrepreneurs and individuals with a financial solution and capital supply to empower them attains their dreams and professional goals. Australian Equity First Holding has completed more than seven hundred transactions that worth approximately $1.4 billion since 2002 providing customers with efficient high loan and low-interest rates.Equities First Holdings (Australia) has effective strategies that have help in maintaining the growing business market in all of its three locations comprising of Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Moreover, EFH is a global firm that has spread far and wide to other countries with offices in nations like EFH Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holding (Australia), EFH Singapore Limited.Equities First Holdings Australian offices are located at the hearth of Melbourne with the aim of providing conducive space that accommodates all the customers and eases room expansion for workers. Working in the organization is more comfortable because even the top officials create a close relationship with the subordinate staffs.Apart from the Australian offices, Equities First Holdings have other offices across the nations including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and headquarters based at Indianapolis, USA. Equities First Holdings offer a competitive income to the staffs to motivate them.