Eric Lefkofsky Leads Tempus to Genomic Data Collection for Cancer Therapies

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur whose works revolve around technology. Recently, he invested in the establishment of Tempus, a technological company that strives to find treatment methods for cancer patients. Eric has faced first hand effects of being near a cancer patient. That is how he developed interest for co-founding Tempus. Putting up to $ 70 million in this cause, he has been actively involved in the battle. Lefkofsky has initiated the project because he is concerned with the strategy needed to arrive at cancer treatment.

Profile of Leadership in Tempus

The journey towards fighting cancer has been long. Eric thought of Tempus for the best reasons. In his leadership, the company has adopted appropriate technological strategies that have developed data-based interfaces for medical fields. Eric wanted to ensure that physicians can access viable data for treatment. It is also a medium for communication for most doctors as they can have personalized treatment for patients. For Tempus, it boils down to the customization of treatment for patients. It is all about getting to understand the journey of the patient. That is how Eric envisioned the project when it all started. Eric has been managing well thanks to his commitment to developing better practices for patients. He is sure that the new generation will arrive at conclusive treatment methods if he continues to focus on special data generation, compilation and treatment for cancer.


Eric’s focus is appended to ensuring that Tempus makes it possible for patients to have interactive sessions with clients. At Tempus, the mission is based on redefining the generation of genomic data for clinical setting. The goal of this organization is to provide every patient with viable diagnosis through the collection of more data. The teams in this managerial set up understand the value of alteration drives and cancer growth. The treatment addresses the growth of tumors in the body cells. Tempus is there to ensure that sufficient information is collected concerning the type of cancer. This information is used to diagnose the right type of cancer and ensuring that the treatment is found on time. With Eric in charge, Tempus is going to take a new angle in growth and expansion.