Eric Lefkofsky Seeks to Make Genetic Sequencing Affordable

A person’s complete genetic profile could mean the difference between life and death when it comes to cancer care. At a previous price tag of around one million dollars, it can now be analyzed for around five thousand and is expected to drop to only several hundred in the near future. Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus, hopes to utilize this data to revolutionize patient care.

Tempus is essentially an operating system when it comes to cancer treatment. Besides mainstreaming genetic sequencing, the system also seeks to make all data collected about a patient accessible and more easily analyzed. This is especially relevant for handwritten  rogress notes that many times get lost between visits and treatments.

Most people in the United States never think about the system used to manage their care until they or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis. Eric Lefkofsky hadn’t either until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He quickly noticed the glaring inadequacies in the system that was supposed to keeping his wife alive and vowed to help fix it.

Having access to a patient’s genome could help doctors find the treatments and medications most befitting their particular chemical and genetic makeup. They could predict what could work and what just will not. This information will also be utilized to seek treatments and hopefully cures by aggregating data from cancer patients on a potentially global scale.

Eric Lefkofsky is not stranger to the newest in technology. Based out of Chicago, Tempus operates as part of Lighbank, a capital venture firm that specializes in investing in disruptive technology. Lefkofsky also co-founded tech-centric companoes Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Communications, Groupon, and Mediaocean.

In 2015, Lefkofsky stepped down as CEO of Groupon to the position of chairman to better focus on Tempus and other projects. He and his wife co-founded the Chicago based organization, the Lefkofsky Foundation, to serve the residents of the community.