Eric Lefkofsky Supports Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is known to many as the founder of an institution known as Groupon. Eric is also considered to be one of the most influential technology figures in Chicago. Just recently, Eric announced that he had decided to donate millions of dollars to cancer research. Lefkofsky has always had an interest in cancer research, and he is believed to be behind a great startup that has taken a smart approach in the race to treat cancer.

According to news published at the Chicago Inno, Eric Lefkofsky left his position as the chief executive officer at Groupon several months ago, and he has been working hard to establish Tempus. Tempus is a health based technology startup that focuses on building the infrastructure to modernize how cancer is treated in the modern times. Tempus has been operating quietly out of Lightbank, one of the firms that were founded by Eric. The successful businessman is also believed to be the president of the company.

At the moment, Lefkofsky’s level of daily involvement in the health startup is not yet clear. This is because the businessman has not returned the multiple email requests by journalists. According to the Tempus website, the healthcare startup will focus on helping health professionals and doctors to make personalized, real-time and data-driven treatment decisions. These professionals will achieve this by analyzing the patient’s genetic code, especially in the molecular therapies. The website also states that the company will only be using edge cutting genomic sequencing and analysis techniques to help the medics to understand the patient tumors correctly.

According to a statement from one of the stakeholders in the company, Tempus will collect and also analyses big amounts of the genomic data using proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis to uncover the opportunities that can help the physicians in offering the cancer patients more personalized and precise medicine. The data utilized in the company helps doctors to come up with reliable treatments and care plan for the patients.

At the moment, Tempus is believed to be working with individuals with lung, breast, and pancreatic cancers. In the recent future, the company expects to cover more types of cancer. The institution also believes that it will accomplish its mission in cancer treatment in the near future.

The company website has a special video known as It Can Be Done. According to the video, Tempus will be successful in the breakthrough to cancer treatment. The institution has 29 employees. One of these employees is Hunter Lane, the former director at HighGround. Hunter is expected to retain his position at Tempus.

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