Fabletics brand of active wear continues to scale the heights of fashion

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing companies in activewear brands. Since its entry into the market in 2013, Fabletics has posted an incredible growth of over 200% and has generated revenue of more than $200 million from over one million customers. According to Shawn Gold, Fabletics’ parent company Corporate Marketing officer, the secret to such phenomenal growth has been brought about by adopting reviews from customers.

Fabletics understands the importance and power of crowds and has not contemplated or relented in candidly delivering their best to their loyal customers. Notably, Fabletics is one of the few companies that practice empathy and this has become their distinctive attribute in the market of activewear. It is their resolve to go beyond hearing what customers say but also by listening and implementing their preferences as entreated.

Consumer reviews have become a significant contributor to Fabletics success. Most important is the trust rating of which Fabletics has performed excellently at 8.2 on a scale of 0-10. Such a score by Trustpilot consumer review, which is one of the most significant review sites in the world demonstrates that Fabletics is scaling the heights of activewear brands. Such a high rating indicates that Fabletics is one of the most authentic companies with a congruent outlook of the world from the customer’s perspective.

Fabletics has continued to grow because of the excellent reviews and recommendations from its customers. It attests that Fabletics is customer driven and truly understands their needs and preferences. To confirm that Fabletics emphatically listens to the needs of its customers, please take Fabletics lifestyle quiz to find out which of their outfit suits you most.

Kate Hudson, an actress and a key person in Fabletics activewear have contributed to its success from a humble beginning to its current worth valued over $250 million. In a past event to unveil Fabletics first partnership with Demi Lovato, a pop superstar, it was evident that Fabletics had something unique they supported. Kate Hudson has championed Fabletics endeavor of motivating women towards becoming great in all reality to who they are regardless of their physical attributes. Kate prides on doing business and plans to continue to expand in the art as her heart’s desire.

In 2013, the Techstyle Fashion Group identified Kate Hudson became the most suitable partner in the quest for superior athleisure products for women by Fabletics. It was because Kate was amicable, good-natured and dynamic in her everyday life. Kate has continued to be a good ambassador for Fabletics activewear not just in strategy and creating new styles but also in her personal life having been spotted at the gym and on her routine, runs in Fabletics gear. It further indicates that Kate Hudson’s good attributes blend well with Fabletics goal of having the most excellent activewear product at half the price of all there is in the market.