Fortress Investment Group Has Just Gained A Valuable New Ally In The Quest To Expand Its Passenger Train Service:

The revolutionary Brightline train service has been making major waves in the public transportation sector since it was recently unveiled in the South Florida region’s connecting municipalities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This train service is a unique one in the public transportation sector as it is the first of its kind come out of the private sector and provide intercity travel in many years. Brightline is affiliated with highly respected investment firm Fortress Investment Group and was largely conceived for Fortress Investment Group co-founder Wes Edens. The service has made a huge impact for commuters that make the daily trek between the South Florida hubs of Fort Lauderdale and Miami and there is a big demand to expand the operation to other cities including the Tampa region. There has also been talk of taking the service to areas such as Atlanta/Charlotte and Chicago/St. Louis. Things are going great for the Fortress Investment Group Brightline train service and now there is more big news as the company will join forces in the Virgin Group which is run by legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

Richard Branson and his company Virgin are buying a minority state into the Fortress Investment Group Brightline train and a part of the deal includes a rebranding of the business. The Brightline will now be marketed under the name of Virgin Trains USA. This new deal is a great move for the train service from a financial standpoint and it is also expected to be an important move that the legendary Virgin name will now be attached to this new innovation in public transportation.

The Virgin Group umbrella is an impressive one and the company is involved in business ventures that range from media and music to leisure, travel and telecommunications. The company is also involved in the public transport sector in the U.K. with its Virgin Trains system that provides intercity transport in the Island country. Now the Virgin Trains name will come to the United States as Virgin partners with Fortress Investment Group in order to continue to build this exciting new brand.