Four Patterns That Every SuccessFul Market America Rep Develops That Surprisingly Relate To Real Life

Everyone is a seller in their own right. We sell ourselves when we attempt to make a new friend. We do the same when we attempt to sell our point of view. That takes a certain degree of conviction. It takes knowing who we are versus who we are not. The same thing can be said for anyone who starts working with Market America.

Your clients are buying two things: You and the product you offer. You need to make it count.

1) Every salesperson has their schtick in Market America. Find what works for you. Do not try to sell yourself in Market America. Some people get it into their heads that they need to sell themselves. They do that in unnatural ways. Be yourself. The “sale” comes through naturally. Your clients will believe in you as long as you are honest with them. The second you try to be something you are not is the second they will doubt you.

2) You need to listen to what others are telling you. There is a difference between “listening” and “active listening.” The first one is when you are pretending to listen just so you can respond. The second is when you are hearing what your clients and teammates have to say.

God Gave You Two Ears and One Mouth For A Reason

Sometimes a great idea comes from someone else. Listen intently. Do not interrupt. Your client is trying to tell you what their technology needs are. You need to hear them. You cannot just hear what you think they are saying, or what you want them to say. You need to hear what they are actually saying.

3) You need to follow up. Following up shows your clients in Market America that you do care. You are telling your clients that they do matter. You cannot treat them as another number on your to-do-list. That is one way to get them to distrust you fast.

4) You should take breaks. You also need to personalize everything you do with the company. That will set you apart from everyone else.