Freedom Checks and What Exactly They Are

A popular viral video making it’s way around the internet is the “Freedom Checks” that are sponsored by Matt Badiali. If you are worried about a scam, Freedom Check’s is definitely not a scam. When the story first started about how this place is a ripoff, I knew right away I had to make a call. I knew I was going to have to decide if it was real or not, I would have to fully understand what it is.

I turned to the number of analysts there are out there and opted to learn more about the big opportunity firsthand. The people who stood there to perform task after task to learn more about Freedom Checks is able to provide you with the information that you need to know more about them. You might be surprised to learn that all the hype is for something legitimate.

At any given moment, there is over 560 companies that are listed as being a legitimate company under the laws that were put in place by Congress in 1987. The statute that these companies have to follow under is known as 26-F. As long as the company maintains the requirements for this statute, they are able to issue Freedom Checks.

The corporations who are issuing the Freedom Checks are doing so under a tax-free bracket. They must still meet two major requirements in order to issue the checks. The main factor that they have to follow is that they will have to perform at the least, 90 percent of their total revenue from producing, processing and storing of the natural resources if they want to issue Freedom Checks.

Not only will they have to meet this last requirement, they must also give the money raised back to the investors and shareholders and some of them have started to collect checks that are above 120,000 dollars with some people claiming refunds up to over 600,000 dollars.

What most people do not realize is that while the checks are issued by the corporations and are under the direction of the government, they are not actual checks issued from the government. They are simply overseen by the government.

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