GDPR Implications of the Finance Industry According to GoBuyside

May 25, 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be enforced for European Union organizations. This new legislation will require companies to better maintain customers’ personal data used by the company. Recruitment platform, GoBuyside, discusses the implications this new legislation will have on the financial market. GDPR, according to GoBuyside, will alter the way companies store personal information. Companies must reevaluate their approach to data protection and implement new changes If necessary.
GDPR is a way to ensure that individuals personal information is protected. GDPR is based off previously enforced regulations. GDPR has now focused more on how personal information is obtained and documented. Companies must improve security feature by implementing new procedures that improve the security of personal information. These procedures will help companies abide by GDPR also has specific ways in which companies should document personal recommendations.

GoBuyside’s financial expert explained that “GDPR will also apply to organizations whose processing deals with offering goods and services.” Companies in the financial industry, such as investment fund companies, will have to analyze how they control personal data. GDPR requires companies to understand how personal data they are taking in and how it is being stored.
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The company has had several articles posted to Yahoo’s finance section in which the company discusses the future of the financial market. GoBuyside recently discussed compensation with in the private equity sector. The company ultimately stated that “there is no correlation between a raise in compensation and how the firm performs.”

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