George Soros is Back

George Soros is a singular financier of the modern era. At age 85 he is still able and very active in numerous spheres of interest. He is a multi-billionaire (his estimated worth is $24.9 billion) hedge fund owner, currency trader, philanthropist and a political activist known for his left-leaning views. Even in his mid-eighties, he shows little sign of slowing down, as his recent re-entry into the political realm shows. Read more on

A Major Democratic Donor

As reported in Politico, George Soros made a major contribution to backers of the Hillary Clinton campaign last year, to the tune of $25 million. Soros has a long history with Clinton, and was even thinking of attending the Democratic Convention for the first time (he ultimately wasn’t able to). His distaste for Donald Trump is well known. He even said that Trump was helping the ISIS cause, with his negative hate-mongering.

Though Soros has long been involved politically, he stepped back during the Obama administration after contributing heavily towards the movement against George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004. Now Soros is back in and involved, and with Trump now in residence at the white house, we’ll assume he’s going to continue his involvement.

A Long Career in Finance

Soros is a unique figure in finance and in the political world. He is a Hungarian immigrant who escaped Europe during the Second World War He made a fortune with his bets on currency, and has a remarkable financial acumen. He owns a hedge fund and his ongoing success in finance is truly remarkable. He’s used his good fortune in business to fund causes he believes in. Now, with him back in the political world, we’re sure to see more from Soros and his passionate views on the world and the many political movements currently underway. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.