How One Teacher Said ClassDojo Helped Her Build A Classroom Community

One teacher recently wrote about introducing technology into her classroom. She started out writing about how being a teacher is more lonely than one would think. Teachers don’t have the time to work with their peers very often which means they spend all day just working with students. She said this changed right away after she started using ClassDojo in her classroom. She now uses this app to connect with the parents of her students throughout the day which she says is life changing for her.

She wrote that as a tech coach in her district she started using ClassDojo several years ago. She was drawn in because this app allowed her to create a positive environment in her classroom for her students and herself. She and her students can share messages, photos, and videos with the student’s parents which helps build the classroom community and get parents more involved in their child’s education. By using videos and activities as a starting point she is able to help develop the student’s abilities to have empathy and engage in teamwork.

ClassDojo is now being used by tens of thousands of teachers around the world. It has been translated into many languages and is primarily designed for grades K-8. Teachers also connect through ClassDojo’s online community where they can swap information about the best way to approach different things. For this particular teacher she had a new student arrive in her classroom who didn’t speak English and was visually impaired. By using the Classdojo community she was able to get advice from other teachers who had experienced similar students in their classroom and how they best taught them.

ClassDojo is continuously improved by the team who works on it. They recently added a way to make random groups of student, for instance. Students can be grouped into sets of 2, 3, 4 or more students in each group. This makes this task a breeze versus the old ways of going about this task. Other tools include directions, music, timer, weather, think pair share, and more.