Igor Cornelsen: A Successful Investor and Entrepreneur

Igor Cornelsen is a successful Brazilian investor and an entrepreneur. He was a part of several investment firms in the past, but in the present, he is serving his own company. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, the young Igor Cornelsen was poised to become an engineer. He was admitted to one of the most prestigious engineering schools in Brazil, and he rose above the rest. However, midway into studying to become an engineer, he decided to quit becoming an economist instead. He graduated from his university in 1970 taking up a degree in Economics, and he would look for a job immediately after he finished schooling.

He found his first job at an investment bank, where he would be calculating the compound interest rates that will be allocated to their clients. Computers and calculators were not that much used back in the days, and the employment of those who have a background in engineering is in demand for businesses focusing on insurance and investments. He became one of the most sought-after individuals in the sector because of his skills and expertise in the industry. He would work harder to become an investment banker, and he found more opportunities when he transferred to Rio de Janeiro. He worked for Multibanco where he experienced several promotions, and in 1976, he became the company’s chief executive officer. However, his career with the company would not last, as Multibanco was absorbed by the Bank of America two years later.

Igor Cornelsen has to look for another opportunity. He transferred to several companies, including Unibanco, and the Libra Bank PLC. He decided to settle down when he reached the Libra Bank PLC because the company promised him several benefits as it is a Merchant Bank with its headquarters in London. He was paid generously by his newfound company in US dollars and using the knowledge that he gained from his past companies, he decided to walk on his own and established his private investment firm. Today, he works as an investment manager, and he stated that he is more successful than ever because of the encouragement that he receives from his friends and family.