Imran Haque Is A Successful Doctor

Imran Haque is working in North Carolina, serving patients with all kinds of needs. He is someone who works for the Horizon Internal Medicine, and he does good work there. He is a doctor who has experience taking on a variety of needs, and all of the work that he completes is handled in a smart way. This man is someone who is high-respected because of the work that he has done in the past and the work that he currently completes. This is a man who is chosen as a doctor by many who are in need of help in facing all kinds of struggles.

When Imran Haque was interviewed, he was given the chance to share about a habit that he has that he feels has helped him in becoming the doctor that he is today. He shared that he feels that his multi-tasking abilities have helped him to be successful. He has trained himself to focus on a variety of tasks at one time so that he can get more done. He believes that it is important for him to be able to take on many tasks all at once, and he has learned how to do that well and more

Imran Haque was given the chance to share a failure that he has come through and how that has changed who he is today. He shared that he was working hard on expanding a business that he owned while also working on doing all that he wanted to do in the world of medicine. He was trying too hard to make both things work out, and he was failing. He had to give up the business and focus on medicine to become successful. He learned through his failure, and now he gives his time and attention to his medical work. Imran Haque shows that anyone can overcome failure and become a success.