Infinity Group Teaches Australian Families To Go Cash Only

Graeme Holm and the expert team at Infinity Group Australia take pride in providing guidance to Australian families in their efforts to achieve the reduction of debt, wealth creation, and overall financial fitness. Holm, who is recognized as a Top 100 broker by the MPA believes that careful planning and detailed review is among the strategies that can be used to provide clients with the means to become free from debt.

A main ingredient of the Infinity Group approach is operating on a cash-only basis. Infinity works with clients closely as they implement a weekly budget that allows them to use cash to finance items such as groceries, travel to and from work, entertainment, and other weekly costs to live. Graeme Holm is sure to repeat a major philosophy of his to all clients of the company that if cash is not the unit of pay for an item then it is not being purchased. Infinity seeks to help clients see the importance of every single dollar at the family’s disposal while helping them better distinguish the difference between what is wanted and what is needed.

Graeme impresses on his clients and their families that frivolously spent money could be better used at paying off daily interest on their home mortgages. Most of his clients are surprised to learn that interest on their mortgages is actually calculated daily and charged to them on a monthly basis. Infinity Group Australia restores financial power to families in the country by reducing monthly expenditures with savings being used for the repayment of loans as quickly as possible.

Thirty percent of households in Australia were found to be in a state of excess debt in the year 2015-2016 and Graeme Holm believes that the use of credit cards is a big reason for this problem. Holm explains that for many families the simple truth is they will spend whatever is available to them which makes credit access an ongoing problem. This revelation is the backdrop to the Graeme Home philosophy that Australian families are much better off operating their households on a monthly cash-only basis.

About Infinity Group Australia
IGA offers families in Australia with instruction to facilitate their financial health and works with clients in an ongoing manner to assure the process is beneficial to them. Clients have achieved the impressive goal of eliminating on average $41,000 in debt in a year’s time and 100 percent of their clients have paid more on their mortgages while working with Infinity for three months than they did in the year preceding their involvement with the company.

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