InnovaCare Health’s Mission Expands Again

A company’s mission is supposedly the backbone of the company’s foundation. It’s one of the most critical parts of business planning because that what directs the company’s evolution through the years. Unfortunately, some executives see the company’s mission more as an advertisement. Not every company lives up to its founding mission.

InnovaCare Health is not one of those companies. At InnovaCare Health, every one physician, assistant, and other professionals take the founding mission seriously. Unlike other healthcare management companies, they’re not solely focused on affordability. While cost is a much-debated matter, InnovaCare Health is more concerned with the quality of medical care.

Even if the U.S. one day finds a way to provide all residents with free health care, it will do no one any good if that healthcare is substandard. It’s InnovaCare Health’s mission redefine the entire industry, lessening the complexity of today’s healthcare environment.

The backbone of that mission is their patients. Again, some companies only see their patients as dollar signs and only pretend to care about their health. At InnovaCare Health, patients always come first, and quality medical care is the most important goal. When patients visit physicians that can trust, it makes it easier to strengthen patient-provider relationships. For more details visit


Strong patient-provider relationships are something that every doctor understands. Physicians can’t best help their patients if patients aren’t honest and open with them. When it came time to pick new leaders to pursue the mission, InnovaCare executives carefully picked someone who honestly cares about patients. You can check out Bloomberg for more.

Dr. Richard A. Shinto proved to be the best choice for CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. Under his leadership, the company expanded beyond its limits and reached tens of thousands of more patients. In 2004, Dr. Shinto made one of the most significant moves in the company’s history.

Rich Shinto acquired 27,000 beneficiaries, earning the company more than $166 million revenue a year. Strategic moves like that is the reason that InnovaCare Health is the number-one provider of managed care in Puerto Rico. It’s also the reason that Dr. Shinto was named CEO of the entire corporation.

Thanks to his brilliant acquisition, InnovaCare reached people they previously couldn’t. He acquired those beneficiaries specifically to grow the company and make sure people had access to the quality medical care they deserve.



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