James Dondero and Highland Capital Management Explore Philanthropic Ventures

James Dondero has led Highland Capital Management to great success in the financial world. Business Wire is reporting that Dondero is working hard to expand another component of the Dallas firm’s daily operations. Dondero and Highland Capital Management have teamed up with civic leader Linda Owen to explore new avenues of charitable and philanthropic ventures.

The Dallas Foundation is the name of the entity that oversees Highland’s charitable giving endeavors. Owen will work in partnership with The Dallas Foundation to maximize the impact of all philanthropic endeavors.

Highland is looking to greatly expand all of its charitable giving work. Those who are in need are sure to find this news beneficial. The management of Highland realizes a lot of work needs to be done in order to maximize the success of any philanthropic venture. Simply directing money towards a charity wouldn’t maximize effectiveness. By taking a more direct role through The Dallas Foundation, Highland greatly increases success potential. Working with the right strategic partners further helps with this goal.

The volume of money Highland donates to charity further necessitates the need for a well-designed in-house operation. Highland donates roughly $3 million per year to charity. There is tremendous variety among the different entities that receive the funding. Many local Dallas-based charities and organizations reap the rewards of the firm’s giving nature.

The work of President Dondero has helped Highland Capital Management succeed in both philanthropic ventures and its normal day-to-day tasks. His three decades of experience in the financial industry fuels all successes. Dondero originally co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and has been associated with a number of other companies as well.