Jason Hope: How the Internet of Things Is Positively Impacting the Airline Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has rapidly been affecting our way of life. From the moment that we wake up to when we retire to our beds, we are using IoT in unconscious ways. To show the extent to which the IoT is embedded into different our lives, Jason Hope has focused on the airline industry. Jason hope is a well-known business executive who is passionate about technology.

Jason notes that the IoT has been bringing so many benefits that the airlines’ executives have been investing in IoT based projects. Recent statistics show that 37 percent of the airlines have allocated some part of their budgets to causes that are related to IoT. Consequently, 58 percent of the airlines plan on allocating resources to further the causes of IoT in the next three years.

First, Jason Hope notes that the safety of Boeing is one of the most affected aspects- in a better way. The IoT has significantly improved the security of Boeing. One can monitor how the parts of these planes are interconnected through a wireless network. The remote monitoring helps in sending of real-time data so that situations can be analyzed faster. Maintenance can be planned while safety equipment such as safety jackets are checked remotely. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Customer service has been improved. Passengers can now book their tickets through their emails while seats can be allocated 24 hours before their flight. The comfort of the passengers is well-taken care of as some of the planes have seat sensors. The seat sensors can sense conditions such as the temperature or hydration levels. This data is sent to the cabin where the pilot can adjust such conditions. Recently Delta Airline has devised a pet tracker that helps owners to keep on checking the comfort of their pets.

Some airlines such as GE Aviation have developed the IoT technology to help them save on fuel efficiency. The IoT technology analyses parameters such as the terrain and weather to come up with processed information on the fuel efficiency. This information is projected in the dashboard. By improving fuel efficiency, Jason Hope notes other benefits such as reduced environmental pollution will follow.

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