José Auriemo Neto at the JHSF Helm

To fill the shoes of a great man is one of the hardest challenges a young man could ever face. No amount of grooming could prepare a young man to carry on the legacy of a predecessor if the predecessor if the inspiration of the common agenda was born of the predecessor. Despite the fact that JHSF was founded and nurtured from the dreams and passion of his father, José Auriemo Neto has been absolutely outstanding in the way he has taken up the challenge of directing the JHSF into the future after his father’s efforts to bring it to a glorious present.


The JHSF has always been a family creature of prosperity since its inception. Two brothers, Fabio Auriemo and Jose Roberto, had joined hands to found a successful construction company. The two had sibling rivalries and opposing business leadership ideas, yet for the sake of prosperity, they worked together. The differences would later prompt them to split ways as business partners, but not as brothers. The company split two ways with Fabio venturing out as JHSF and Roberto reforming JHS to JHSL.

The JHSF was initially a real estate development company that did well and developed into a real estate company. Owned and driven by the dedicated and insightful Fabio, the company would later specialize in developing;

Hotels and restaurants,
• Residential Homes,
• Business Complexes,
• And an airport.

By the time young José Auriemo Neto came into the business, the company had consolidated extensive properties in Sao Paulo, New York, and Salvador. The company had been receiving numerous recommendations and esteemed accolades. The Bovespa had published a recommendation of JHSF attributing about real estate growth and suitability for business to its ability and commitment to;

• Be innovative
• Be daring
• Be of quality
• Identify opportunities in the market of operation
• Be pioneering

Earning the Presidency

José Auriemo Neto picked up momentum by learning the hands-on skills only his father could teach. One day, he identified a lot at the edge of the of Marginal Pinheiros for the forsaken potential it had. No real estate moguls had seen its potential, and even his father was skeptical. Jose had to be as convincing as his old man to sell him the viable idea. JHSF acquired successful the lot at a low price. It would later turn to be the most revenue generating piece of property that JHSF owned since its inception. Fabio bequeathed Jose the JHSF presidency soon after. The young man has been doing a great job since then at the helm of the company.