Kevin Seawright Life and Career

Millions of people have an interest in starting a business. When Kevin was young, he worked a job that he was not passionate about. Although he was making good money, he decided to leave his career to start a company.

The first few years of managing a company were tough. There were times when Kevin thought he made a massive mistake. He finally turned the business around and started making a profit. Kevin Seawright now owns multiple companies in various industries. He is an excellent person for new business owners to learn from.


Before starting a business, a business owner needs to make a financial plan. One of the most significant limitations for new business owners is a lack of capital. Few people have a massive amount of cash to invest with.

Borrowing money to start a company is recommended in some cases. However, Kevin encourages people to borrow as little money as possible. Some people borrow way too much money and end up going out of business. Read more about Kevin Seawright at


Kevin Seawright is a successful business owner because he continually advertises his services. In his financial planning company, he spends a ton of money on advertising each month.

With so many online marketing options, advertising may seem complicated. However, Kevin firmly believes that business owners should focus on marketing to potential customers who need the products or services offered by the business.

Future Goals

Kevin plans to continue managing his companies in the future. He also wants to donate more time and money to various charities. He wants to make a positive impact in his local area. He is passionate about improving the education system in his city.

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