Kyle Bass Loses His Challenge to the Pharma Patents

Kyle Bass started a campaign some time ago in order to wipe out certain drug patents in the market, but it seems that he has not managed to get any success. The U. Patent and Trademark Office did not accept to review the patents from Acorda Therapeutics and the multiple sclerosis drugs currently called Ampyra.

Experts say that the decision to decline the review of the validity of the patents came at a bad time. This is because the pharmaceutical sector has had concerns due to the hedge fund difficulties experienced when drug patents start to make profits by forcing the prices of stocks downwards.

Last year in February, Kyle Bass, began filing a review to get rid of the drug patents through his organization known as Coalition of Affordable Drugs, and he was doing it through a process known as inter partes review. When Ampyra patent review was conducted in February last year, the prices of the drug are believed to have come down by a significant percentage.

The lawyer representing Acorda, Mr. Gerald Flattmann, who works for the Paul Hastings law firm said that the decision by the courts had made him very happy. The court has refused the trial for the both patents, and according to him, this was the right thing to do. However, Kyle and his group of lawyers did not have something to say after the ruling.

Kyle Bass believes that some of the biggest and also powerful companies in the market were enlarging their own patent protection in some questionable manners. Some even went to the extent of changing the dosage or sometimes the packaging, and this has been helping them to keep the prices of the drugs abnormally high.

Kyle Bass is a famous individual in the hedge fund industry. He is the founder of Hayman Capital, an institution that is headquartered in Dallas. Kyle Bass started the organization in the year 2006, and through hard work, he built a very strong emperor. He becomes a star after the prediction becomes true, and he was considered a star by a huge number of people, and some even believe that he was too good to make a single mistake.

He is no longer making any right predictions, and to make matters worse, he has been making the wrong partnership, making people hate him and all his policies. He is popular for the wrong reasons, and experts no longer consider his opinions when there is trouble.  There’s more about Kyle in the UsefulStooges article Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.

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