Malcolm CasSelle Is Changing The Video Game Industry

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur, influencing many industries over his career. He attended college at MIT and Stanford, earning two degrees in Computer Science. At the moment, Malcolm CasSelle is focusing on blockchain related endeavors, but he has worked in many other industries.

1995 was the year CasSelle created his first company. He created NetNoir at the dawn of the internet in order to provide a platform for Afrocentric culture. Netnoir eventually became a part of AOL’s Greenhouse Program. CasSelle also worked at PCCW, tronc, and MediaPass.

Malcolm CasSelle is currently working at OPSkins, serving as its CIO. He also created WAX, expanding on the goals and ideas of OPSkins. The two companies are similar in most ways but differ in one major way. OPSkins is centralized, purchasing assets and selling them; WAX is decentralized, allowing its users to trade directly with other users. WAX is a business though. It can’t operate without making a profit. Users of WAX will be forced to use WAX’s cryptocurrency, WAX Tokens, in order to sell or buy items.

WAX Tokens can be used by citizens of many nations. WAX is able to exchange its WAX Tokens for number of different cryptocurrencies, meaning anyone in the world has the potential to use WAX.

Malcolm CasSelle chose blockchain for his platform because it is safe and secure. When digital assets are for sale, usually a person must be cautious. Middle-men with positive reputations among certain communities sometimes acted as a go between to trade digital goods. Other people relied only on the trust system, frequently being targeted by scammers. WAX gets rid of the need for a middle man or a forum community.

WAX hopes to someday have users on their network with no interest in video games. When it comes to digital assets, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Malcolm CasSelle and WAX hope to have all sorts of digital items sold across their platform. Items like eBooks, independent music, and digital art could be sold on WAX.